Beyond Consciousness Chapter 1 Excerpt

Excerpt from Beyond Consciousness

Chapter 1

My Near Death Experience

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.”
Aristotle (384bc – 322bc)

STEVE JOBS, WALT DISNEY, Albert Einstein and Galileo all cracked open their imagination portal to unlock a portion of its infinite potential. In doing so, they have blessed us with their legacies.

Their legacies all began with an initial “ah-ha” awakening that morphed into their life’s driving force. It was the event that put them on their imagination’s pathway of inspiration and awe.

For me this began on June 25, 1996 at 1:11 p.m. I was living in Hagensborg, British Columbia, Canada. I was cutting wood with a chainsaw when it suddenly kicked back and nearly decapitated me. It sliced the left side of my throat wide open from my jawbone to my collarbone. I remember looking down and seeing my white sweatshirt turn blood red.

With the chainsaw still running and stuck to my sweatshirt, I intuitively heard a wee, small voice from within telling me, “Everything will be okay, I have a purpose for your life.” This was the inspiration I needed to get me through what was to come.

It was astounding how that inspiration calmed me down. I didn’t panic. I hollered at Young Kim, who was working with me, and motioned him to come over and help.

When he saw what happened he sprinted over to me and in his broken Korean-English asked, “What to do? What to do?”

I answered, “Turn the chainsaw off.”

It was a very old chainsaw that 19 times out of 20 didn’t work when the red “kill switch” was pushed; fortunately, this time it did. Young Kim turned the chainsaw off and pulled it off me.

I told Young Kim to get Steve Johnson who was driving an excavator about 50 yards away. Young Kim ran and told Steve what happened. I remember Steve turning around to see what Young Kim was talking about. When he realized what had happened, Steve immediately jumped down from his excavator and sprinted toward me.

Fortunately nothing rattled Steve; he calmly took my arm, led me to his truck and told Young Kim to call 9-1-1 right away.

We were about 45 minutes from the nearest hospital in Bella Coola. The Bella Coola Hospital is nothing more than a medical outpost. There is only one paved road in the Bella Coola Valley and after about 20 minutes Steve and I saw the ambulance speeding toward us with its lights flashing. Steve rolled down the window and waved the ambulance down. The ambulance slowed down, made a U-turn and pulled in behind us by the side of the road.

Steve told me to wait while he went to speak with the ambulance attendants. After about 30 seconds, I decided to get up and meet them at the back of the ambulance. When one of the ambulance attendants saw me, her eyes opened wide like she was seeing a dead man walking. She immediately helped me into the back of the ambulance.

The ride to the Bella Coola Hospital was another 25 minutes. Fearing I was about to pass out and die on her, the ambulance attendant asked me my name eight times. Finally when she asked me the last time, I replied, “Don’t worry everything will be fine.” Now she thought for sure I was delirious and about to die.

The hospital staff had been notified and they were prepared for my arrival. I remember being moved into the emergency room on the ambulance’s stretcher.

At that time (1996) the Bella Coola Hospital had three doctors who rotated shifts. One of the doctors was away on vacation and had been replaced by a retired locum from Salt Spring Island. I was fortunate, for I believe he was the only one who had the confidence and ability to stitch me up. While lying on my back, the doctor was on my left and his nurse was on my right.

I recall the nurse showing the doctor an antiseptic in a sealed packet. She asked him if she should use it, but the doctor didn’t know what she was holding. He leaned over me to get a closer look and asked, “What the hell is that?”

When she told him what she was holding he said, “Yeah, yeah, put it on.”

The nurse opened the packet and rubbed its contents on my wound to make sure the germs and microorganisms were killed so the infection wouldn’t spread.

Next, I remember the doctor attempting to thread the eye of his needle with suture thread; finally, in frustration he handed it over to the nurse. His needle looked like a fishing hook.

When he passed his needle I said, “It’s all good everything will be fine.” The nurse threaded the needle easily and handed it back to him.

The next thing I knew I was no longer in my body: I was separated from it. I was suddenly floating from the ceiling of the emergency room looking down at myself lying on the stretcher. The doctor was now on my right and the nurse was on my left. I remember seeing the tops of their heads. I saw my throat sliced wide open; it looked like raw meat with blood everywhere. Suddenly the doctor started moving his needle toward my wound. Just as it touched me I left the emergency room…

I was now in what can best be described as a pitch- black elevator of total silence, total darkness and total peace. I was weightless and I sensed I was moving through the cosmos of time in an upward direction. I looked up and saw a small twinkling light. At first, the light was like a star in the sky. Then it began to get larger until it became an all-encompassing white light that I passed through.

As I moved through it I had an overwhelming sense of security. I knew I was home. I sensed wherever this was; it was where I was supposed to be and where I wanted to be. There was an absolute peace about passing through the white light and I certainly didn’t want to leave wherever it was I was.

I landed on a meadow at the top of a very high mountain. The grass was growing wild, the sunlight was warm and there were no clouds in the brilliant blue sky. I could see forever in every direction.

Suddenly a force began guiding me; it gently touched me in what I perceived was my left elbow. However, I had no body.

I floated down the mountain—following a pathway without any cares or concerns. I didn’t know where I was going but I knew that I was in a very special place. In the distance I saw a magnificent, circular, sparkling, temple-like structure. It was centred in a very large walled, gated property. I approached the wall and its large wooden gate automatically opened for me. As I entered the property, I floated past the open gate and was guided toward the temple.

As I neared the temple its front doors swung open, backwards from the left and from the right. I entered the temple. Inside there wasn’t any sign of life, but energetically it felt peaceful and comforting. I was led to the stairway on the right. The walls were made of what looked like cut stone. The stones were all different sizes.

As I moved up the stairway there was no handrail on my left; however, on my right there was the stone wall.

When I reached the top of the stairway, I turned left and made my way down the hallway as there was no place to go on the right. First, I went past a room on the left. The door was open. The room was barren except for four “human like” entities sitting on the floor and facing each other in a small, tight circle. I sensed they were praying or meditating. I couldn’t make out any discernible features on them. I continued down the hallway and saw a room on the right with an open door. There was no life in this room, it was a vast library of what I thought were books. I went down the hallway a little further and entered the next door on the right. As I entered the room I went through a veil and knew I has been here before.

I continued down the hallway and saw a room on the right with an open door. There was no life in this room, it was a vast library of what I thought were books.

I went down the hallway a little further and entered the next door on the right. As I entered the room I went through a veil and knew I has been here before.

I began to experience a warmth and presence that morphed into a cloud of countless individual particles. It was like the snow on a television screen. It also released the soothing fragrance of nature, like a field after a shower. For a split second I saw the face of my maternal grandfather in the cloud, which provided me with an extra sense of peace and tranquility. I was at total peace and felt a reverence I could not remember having before.

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